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Two Castles on One Land in Fairhope, Alabama
The Fairhope Storybook Castles are actually two properties, joined together by family legacy and artistic creativity. 

These magical, one-of-a-kind handcrafted treasures were created over more than sixty years, beginning with Sheldon's Castle, home of the legendary artist and sculptor, Craig  Sheldon.

Filled with artwork inside and out, the house itself is, in fact a work of art. Featured on HGTV, The Ananda Lewis Show, and APT, this unique building is recognized as one of America's most artistic structures. From floor to ceiling, there is delight to be discovered in every painstaking detail, each created over lifetimes dedicated to an artistic family legacy.

Come on in, see the Sheldon Storybook Castle in Fairhope, Alabama. Let your imagination take you where it will-- just as Craig Sheldon did when it all began as an addition to the family home, shortly after World War II. The Sheldon Castle took shape, as Mr. Sheldon recycled, reused and repurposed everything he could salvage, far, far ahead of his time.
His resulting life's work is a testament to ingenuity, resourcefulness, creativity and beauty. The Sheldon Family Castle was such a special place, it sparked magic in Sheldon's daughter, Pagan, as well.
Married to Dean Mosher, a long time friend and fellow conspirator of Craig Sheldon, Pagan Sheldon Mosher was delighted when her husband wished to help continue her father's work.

Keeping up with the "Castle Next Door", The Mosher Castle began coming to life after the Moshers purchased property adjacent to the Sheldon Castle. Work began all over again! In keeping with the original style, the Mosher's too, have used local materials, art and craftsmanship wherever possible, including much of their own.

As any living form of art, the Mosher family continues to find inspiration and magic every where they look. And so, Mosher Castle continues to grow.

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