The Mosher's Storybook Castle
Hand-built with incredible attention to detail by artist Dean Mosher, it serves as both home and studio for Dean and his wife Pagan Sheldon Mosher and their two children Megrez and Cleveland.

The tower contains bedrooms for the children on the second and third floors, while the ground floor houses Pagan's office and sitting room.

Nestled on the edge of a wood near downtown Fairhope, Alabama, stands the Mosher Castle.
Over the last 30 years, the small frame 1950s-era house purchased by the Moshers in 1983 has slowly been completely enveloped by the castle. Dean’s designs and architectural drawings have become concrete footings and Clay City tile walls, with concrete and miles of rebar in slabs, corners, and lintels, all faced with stone veneer with interesting objects woven throughout.
Arching, roofs, balconies, trim, doors, windows, and furniture were all handmade from Dean’s designs, often by himself, with notable help from his father-in-law, Craig Sheldon, as well as his own father and many good friends over the years. “God willing, another decade should see it finished,” says the artist/builder.
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Mr. & Mrs. Dean Mosher & Fairhope Story Book Castle, Fairhope Alabama 36532
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