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Meet Hendrix the Guardian of Mosher's Castle in Fairhope!
Look up on the turret! Did YOU SEE THAT? Something exciting is happening in Fairhope. A new legend has been born at the Mosher Castle! Hendrix The Dragon has chosen his perch! Read all about his adventures in the photo journal to come...
In 2015 Dean started the base for his dragon that would eventually rest on a turret of the castle.
While working on the Gate House (Pic 1 below) Tony Martiniere of Martiniere Landscaping of Fairhope commissioned Dean to finish the dragon for him to use for his display in The Festival of Flowers in Mobile. With that, Dean (Pic 2) and Ernie Hendrix (Pic 3) worked on the dragon non-stop for a month. Moshers' son, Cleveland, assisted with the design. The scales and details are first laid out with paper.(Pic 4)
It took many careful cuts to the very sharp copper to finish the scales.  (Pic 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Dragon assembly is completed and Dean decides to name him Hendrix in honor of Ernie.
See the next exciting chapter in the life of Hendrix the Dragon!
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