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Sheldon's Castle Origins -- About Craig Sheldon
Before you can really begin the story of Fairhope's Story Book Castles, you need to first meet the Man behind the story. In 1940, Craig Sheldon married Annie "Butch Sheldon, and they moved to Fairhope to raise their family at the close of World War II.

Three children, Craig Sheldon Jr, Susan Megrez, and Pagan were born to the couple in Fairhope. Daughter Suzan Megrez Rudolf inhabits the Sheldon Castle with her husband John to this day. While Daughter, Pagan Mosher inhabits the adjacent Mosher Castle.

Much of his home, The Sheldon Castle, is made from discarded and recycled materials. Craig Sheldon was well known throughout the area for his habit of repurposing objects in creative ways
Dean Mosher’s mother, Elsie Mosher lives in an adjacent apartment built into one of Mr. Sheldon’s old shops.

Dean and Pagan, and their children, Megrez Ravel and Cleveland Turner, have carried on the incredible work begun three generations ago by a man known far and wide for his ingenuity and creativity.

In fact, Mr. Sheldon's house, and that of his decendants, are a living testament to what limitless imagination can do-- within a strict budget!
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